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Identify Student Interactions within Date Range

I would like to be able to build groups that show the number of students who completed an interaction within a date range. It would seem like using a combination of the existing filter criteria, this would be doable, but I cannot build a group that looks at only student who have submitted inquiry forms between the dates of 5/31/17 and 6/30/17, for instance.

Creating a group which looks for after 5/31/17 and before 6/30/17 will only eliminate students who *did not* submit during that range, and nesting will include student who completed multiple form submits (for instance a student who submitted 5/30 and re-inquired on 7/1 would be included because each of the independent form submits meets the criteria).

There is no easy way to select only those student who submitted within a date range. A function similar to the Student Created date filters could help to achieve this. 

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  • Jun 28 2018
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    28 Jun, 2018 05:17pm

    If you use "after 5/31/17" and then next "before 6/30/17" under it, that doesn't do it for you? If you use those criteria not nested, you're correct that your example scenario would meet each independently, but if nested shouldn't it have to meet the first and then the second criteria?