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Issue with the "Relative Date" filter in the Group Builder's Interactions section

I'm trying to set up a group using the INTERACTIONS filter, but I'm not getting the result that I expected. I want my group to pull all records who have received a specific touch-point within the past 2 weeks. At first glance, it seems that the Group Builder is already set up to accomplish this by using the "Relative Date" Measure as seen in this screenshot: Unfortunately, it seems that the "Relative Date" measure still only reflects the specific date that results from criteria, which in this case would be 2/7/17. So instead of the result being a group that contains all of the records who received this touch-point in the past 2 weeks, it only contains the 3 records that received the touch-point exactly on 2/7/17, otherwise known as 2 weeks ago. Is this just a glitch in the programming? Or is the "Relative Date" measure really just a redundant option? Considering that there is already a "Specific Date" measure to choose from, my hope is that this issue is the result of a simple glitch, and that once it is remedied, the "Relative Date" measure will function as I anticipated it would and capture all of the records that received the touch-point from the current date, going back to whatever is set as the "Relative Date". Please let me know your thoughts on this issue as soon as you have a moment.

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  • Aug 22 2017
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