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Improved "Relative date" options for interactions

The existing relative date measure options (days/weeks/months/years ago) has some use, but would be much improved to add a second option that allowed you to say "in the last 30 days" or something like that. Since the interactions filter is limited to 5, it is very difficult to find students who meet interaction criteria within a range.
This would allow one to create a group of students who have not had any of a certain group of touch-points in the last 30 days, or two weeks, for example. The current options would allow me to say exactly 30 days ago, but not since.
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  • Nov 2 2017
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  • Deleted User commented
    7 Dec, 2017 10:41pm

    Hi Kraig. our release was delayed by 24 hours. The new options should be visible by late Thursday night / Friday morning.

  • Guest commented
    7 Dec, 2017 03:50am

    I'm not seeing any new options... does this need to be enabled on our account?