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Additional options when copying a permission group Merged

As I recently created a new user group (via copying another one), I have observed a number of tasks that took a lot of time in the follow-up, and I believe having a process to extend the copy function would resolve most/all of them.
If implemented, it would probably be best to have a set of options such as which items to copy (touch-point permissions, export permissions, etc.)
Export management - I had to open, edit, and save nearly 100 exports to accommodate the changes. If a copy feature existed, it could copy over which exports already had permission, thus only required edits
Touch-point access - Similarly, I had to edit each t-p in the list to add/remove the applicable permission group access.
Field Categories - Much less work, but would still be a good option to include.
I am sure there are other areas I am overlooking at this point, but I know it would save lots of time and a some stress.
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  • Oct 26 2017
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