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Toggle Campaigns On/Off En Masse

There are times where we would like it pause all emails in a nurture campaign, but the only way to stop students from getting those emails is to manually turn each of the emails off. If there was a "toggle all on / off" this would save time rather than going through each individual email (on of our campaigns has over 90 emails across 9 tiers).

  • Tyler Hilbert
  • Apr 15 2021
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  • Matt Baker commented
    27 Oct, 2021 02:33pm

    Thanks, Tyler! There is actually a simple way to stop sending emails in an entire campaign: set the "End Date" as a date in the past (e.g. yesterday), and EMP will no longer send any contents of the campaign (emails, texts, etc.). If you wanted to reactivate the campaign, you would simply remove/change that "End Date" to a future date and it will resume sending any active emails as scheduled.