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That means all loot and XP is yours

Here is your Sith Inquisitor. If you like your lightnings and that fun stuff lightning everywhere and I am planning to use of down side of the force to kick your booty, that’s the ultimate way to go plus the bounty hunters is really what you do and can do, bands classes goes more in-depth into them. Of course you've got your Imperial Agent with cheap swtor credits , you neither certainly be a sniper or even the Trooper mirror aspect with the light side, for the negative side, you may do that and I think the imperial agent is an incredible storyline.

If an entrance has a red forcefield over it, you just aren't the right class or on the proper mission to enter. Players of other classes can accompany your body on its story missions, but you'll want to tick a menu option before players in the same class can join you.But other players won't get credit for completion of one's story missions. That means all loot and XP is yours. They will, however, get experience from your enemies they kill, as well as the warm glow that comes from helping a chum.

Through story missions and certain achievements, you'll earn titles to show that you're a Jedi, a Sergeant, or perhaps very nice. Set these by clicking the arrow alongside your character's name for the inventory screen.

Now let’s consider the light side classes at the same time, that’s probably where you are gonna best be served. Now here i am in the lighting side of everything you might have the Jedi Knight.

It’s amazing that is the best part, it is possible to just stand back and that’s an excellent part of DPS. Sometimes particularly if you are not melee, you are able to stand back through the fray and easily shoot all the things from the world to the bad guy and you are therefore pretty much all set right there.

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