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Request - Allow Students to Opt Back In

We have students who may opt out of texts or emails while they are an inquiry and then decide to apply. Many of our communications are sent via email and some texts. Once they apply, if they are opted out, they are missing out on valuable information. I think it would be beneficial to include some way for a student to be able to choose to opt back in for emails and/or texts from us.Thank you for your consideration to incorporate this into the system--whether it be a place in their PURL or something that enables us to send them a link. Thank you

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  • Aug 22 2017
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    6 Mar, 2018 12:32am

    Hello!  Was a solution found for this issue?  We've had two instances in which a student opted out, but then changed their mind and decided to move forward.  We can't figure out how to opt the student back in to commuincations.