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Secondary rep assignment Merged

As we continue to develop our use of EMP, an idea that has come up multiple times is the use of additional staff members on campus being able to utilize the system to best recruit students and develop a relationship with incoming students.  A reoccurring hang up with utilizing the system to do so is the lack of a Secondary Rep assignment. 


All of our students are assigned based on location/high school to a particular admissions counselor. Many of our students are also be recruited by athletics. In an ideal world, the coach recruiting the student could be assigned as a secondary rep, allowing them to connect with student with greater ease.  If Blast Emails are sent out, then a response could be directed towards they Secondary Rep, or could be sent on behalf of the Secondary Rep. 

We believe there could be great benefits to create a feature such as this, albeit an extensive amount of work on the backend.   

  • Jake Huffman
  • May 16 2018