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Add ability to change field type

For example, I set up a field as text but months later I realize that I’d rather have it as a single select field to match values and display the values, but I can’t change the field type.

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  • Feb 7 2018
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  • Feb 15, 2018

    Admin response


    Due to technical limitations, changing a text field to another field type is not something we will be able to do. This limitation comes from the unstructured nature of text field data, which cannot be easily converted to the other structured data types. Doing so would likely result in loss of data. You can however currently switch most fields to a similar field type (Single select to radio buttons) or into a text field type (although you cannot reverse this action).


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    8 Feb, 2018 12:25am

    You can change field types so long as the data structure remains the same. So a Text field can't be converted to another type, but a Single Select can be converted to a Multiple Select, Radio Button, or Checklist.

    The workaround I've used is:

    • create new field
    • build group of records with any data in old field
    • export group, including all required fields and the old field
    • import the file back in, but map the data to the new field and proceed through mapping all possible values