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Group based on Group Action

I'd like to be able to create a group that includes all affected records at the time a group action is executed (a group containing all students listed in a given History). As the Group Action History page states, because groups are dynamic, the affected records for a group that an action was applied to may be different when you go to apply another action.

If, for example, a rep applies a field change and realizes several days later that they forgot to add notes regarding the field change or that several other field changes needed to be made as well, or if the field was changed in error, it would be helpful to be able to recreate the exact group that the change was initially applied to so that steps could be taken to remedy the situation.

A current workaround has been to add a "Group action" Touchpoint at the time of the move so a group can be created using a specific date criteria, but it is an imperfect solution which is complicated when multiple group actions are performed in a single day. The history tab shows that the system is logging this interaction, and it would be much cleaner to leverage that data instead.

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  • Jan 31 2018
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