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Ability to reorder Goals Merged

I would like to be able to re-order Goals for individual users. Currently, once goals are entered, they appear on the users screen in the exact order of initial entry. This means that any goals added or removed to rep assignment must be done in the order of the funnel logic or the goals appear out of logical order. If assignments change or are updated in unexpected ways (reps leave and goals are reassigned, for instance), this can cause the confusion for reps until those goals age out or system maintenance staff lose time to manual re-entry.

A drag-and-drop interface, similar to field category reorder, or a WYSIWYG would help alleviate this. 

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  • Oct 20 2017
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    14 Nov, 2018 05:27pm

    I discovered this and had entered my apps and admits in the wrong order.  Makes for weird goals.