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Allow actions on "unsubscribe" population, including deactivation.

Currently, we can only see who unsubscribes by looking at the list in EMP settings. However, the list is not exportable nor actionable. We would like to report on this population to see if any trends can be spotted, but other than manually opening each record and updating a field, we cannot track this population. 

  • Kristin McAuliffe
  • Aug 28 2017
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  • Kristin McAuliffe commented
    21 Dec, 2017 05:16pm

    Thank you- I did figure out how to export then import and update a field, but it would be great to have more reporting info, like unsubscribe rates after certain messages or other CRM functions. It's important to know more about this population to craft messaging - more than just removing them from future messages. Thank you for the workaround!

  • Guest commented
    6 Oct, 2017 03:29pm

    You can export this data. In the export builder, change Data Source (on the left) to "Student List" and then in the Student List drop-down that appears, choose the applicable option.

    Then you can use the resulting exported list to do an import and update a field that way.

    It's a multiple step process, but a workaround for what I believe you're trying to do.