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I know each client will use EMP and touch-points differently, but I think we would all benefit from being able to categorize touch-points so we can run reports off of more specific data. Sample list of categories, but the possibilities are endless: - call - financial - file - meeting - visit

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  • Aug 22 2017
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    20 Feb, 2018 04:11pm

    One of the most difficult to report aspects of EMP is how many phone calls our enrollment staff are making. Currently, I am opening up each one's user page, running an audit on Records for the previous day. Then I count manually. It's very inefficient since it's so time-consuming and has a high margin for error.

    So having a "Phone call" category would resolve such an issue. This could be a touch-point or a new feature, as far as I'm concerned. But as I listed in my initial feature request, having different sections like calls, financial, meetings, visits, etc. would be great. 

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    20 Feb, 2018 03:52pm

    Can you clarify what reporting you would like to see for Touch-points if they had categories? I am assuming you would be looking for a 'Touch-point by Category' chart in the Reporting area? Much thanks.

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